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For a place where everyone wants to live
For a place everyone wants to have A new start!

“ENVICE” adds joy to your living space.

Starting as a service specialized company, ENVICE manufactures and sells food waste disposals and household furniture such as kitchen furniture, a built-in wardrobe, systems furniture, an entry closet, pantry furniture, a veranda closet, etc. Through its own design and manufacturing, ENVICE provides household furniture for a beautiful and convenient living space (kitchen furniture, entry closet, pantry furniture, veranda closet, built-in wardrobe, and systems furniture). Food waste disposals manufactured and provided by ENVICE include a standing-type and a built-in-type product for the home and a variety of products for the business use ranging from a 5kg to a 1t capacity (5kg, 15kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg, and 1ton). ENVICE is getting very positive responses from customers with a variety of lineups from household to commercial to industrial products.

CEO You-il Kim


엔비스 사명의 의미

ENVICE, created by combining ‘strengthEN’ing and ‘serVICE’, is trying to fulfill customer impression management through the best customer service.

ENVICE will turn our living space into beautiful and convenient human-centered living culture.


The corporate mark of ENVICE, a specialized and differentiated furniture company, has been developed to represent TOTAL HOUSING SERVICE. The future-oriented and specialized company image has been created to symbolize Experience, Expert, and Excellence using the initial letter ‘E’ of ENVICE as the design motif.
The symbol mark ‘E’ giving a sense of space also represents the space where all services of ENVICE are provided. In addition, the unique, soft, and professional logotype has been developed to blend in with the future-oriented and progressive symbol mark.
The main corporate colors are sky blue and dark blue to symbolize a young and vigorous enterprise and reliability and professionalism respectively.


ENVIS Co., Ltd. is the strongest hidden champion achieving innovation and customer impression management.
ENVICE is advancing the vision and the value system to meet rapidly changing needs of the times, survive in the fierce competition, and continue the business management.

Product and Design Philosophies

Management Policy

Management Policy


Quality Management Policy


Strategic Goals and Plans

전략목표 및 추진계획

Medium- and Long-term Sales Goal

중장기 매출 목표

We aim to steady sales increase despite the recent stagnant construction market. We’ve set up this challenging goal to achieve the medium- and long-term strategic goal of 100 billion won in sales and become a Power Brand. In addition, we set up balanced goals focusing on BSC 4 Views including R&D, construction capability, and processor innovation to secure a competitive advantage.

Business Introduction

Business Area

ENVICE is a professional furniture company manufacturing and providing kitchen furniture, built-in wardrobes, entry closets, pantry furniture, and systems furniture for apartment buildings, town houses, hotels, and residences.

ENVICE Competitiveness

  • Holding multiple patents for kitchen, storage furniture, and food waste disposals
  • Construction and supplies of SH / LH kitchen furniture and sink
  • Furniture supply for various construction companies
  • Holding a certificate of direct production in our Yong-in factory
  • Service Quality Certification
  • LH Customer Quality Award for 2016 and 2017
  • Securing stable accounts and strengthening competitiveness based on SPS(Standard of Private Sector, sink)
  • The only small and medium business with the service system and selected as an Excellent Company
  • Creation of new value through the strategic establishment of excellent developing, marketing, and building capabilities
  • Market leader coping with competitive relations

History and Awards



2018 Table
2018 11 President's Award for National Quality Management
05 Selected as Best Quality Management Enterprise by Gyeonggi-do
  02 ISO 9001:2015 Revision Certification (Quality Management System)

2017 - 2010

2010 ~ 2017 Table
2017 12 Customer Quality Award for 2 consecutive years (Korea Land & Housing Corporation)
11 Winning the bronze prize from the national quality task distribution competition
02 Winning the Exemplary Small and Medium Entrepreneur (Minister of MSS)
2016 12 Winning the Customer Quality Award (Korea Land & Housing Corporation)
  08 Change of the largest shareholder
2015 11 Acquisition of Certificate of Excellent. Service. Quality
08 Selected as an Excellent Partner by a customer(ENNEX)
2014 11 Acquisition of KS Certification for storage furniture
2012 01 Independence from ENNEX subsidiaries
2010 12 Certificate of Inno-Biz
  08 Acquisition of SPS Certification for kitchen furniture
  08 Acquisition of KS Certification for kitchen furniture
  06 cquisition of safety certification for electric appliances
  02 ISO 9001 Certification (Quality Management System)
  02 Registration of quality task distribution (Circle task distribution)
  02 Launch of environmental business (food waste disposal)
  01 Establishment of ENVICE Co., Ltd. Yong-in factory / Establishment of research institute


2007 Table
2007 05 Company establishment detached from ENNEX Co., Ltd. (start as a professional service enterprise)


  • 2017 Award of Minister of MSS
  • The Grand Prize in 2017 Gyeonggi-do Task Distribution Competition
  • The Participation Prize in 2017 National Task Distribution Competition
  • The Grand Prize in 2018 Gyeonggi-do Task Distribution Competition
  • The Grand Prize in 2018 Seoul Task Distribution Competition